Sociocultural representations of native and non-native youth with unconventional religiosity (a sociological survey of students)

Volume 10, Issue №1, 2024
The pertinence of studying the phenomenon of new (unconventional), religions and mystical teachings stems from a change in the religious landscape, which must be studied using new methodological and methodological ...

Ethnonational attitudes of student youth in the Tyumen region

Volume 10, Issue №1, 2024
The issues raised in the article do not lose their relevance due to the great ethnic heterogeneity of Russian society, due to both historical circumstances and current migration, globalization, and ...

Reflection of religion by modern Russian youth: towards the formulation of secondary hypotheses
based on the materials of an interregional study)

Volume 10, Issue №1, 2024
The article is devoted to the study of a relatively little-studied component of the modern religious situation in terms of public consciousness – reflection of religion. The object of the ...

Zen buddhism in tradition, culture and society of Japan

Volume 10, Issue №1, 2024
Buddhism is Japan’s second largest religion, right behind Shinto. It includes multiple traditions and movements, but in Japan, it was domesticated as Zen Buddhism. Buddhism also exists in China, and ...

Methodological and methodical analysis of the correlation of religious and confessional self-identification
(on the example of the studied subjects of the Russian Federation)

Volume 10, Issue №1, 2024
The article is devoted to the urgent problem of studying religious and confessional self-identification of the population in the post-Soviet space. Using the results of mass sociological surveys among the ...

Professionalism in engineering activities through the eyes of modern Russian engineers

Volume 9, Issue №4, 2023
The transition of Russian industry to the sixth technological mode and the change of technological paradigms have created a mismatch between expectations and opportunities for modernisation of our industry ...

Peculiarities of adaptation of foreign students of the muslim faith in the Republic of Tatarstan

Volume 9, Issue №3, 2023
The adaptation of foreign students (including those of Muslim faith) and their studies in Tatarstan are inextricably linked. It should be borne in mind that, as a rule, the majority ...

Social survival in a regional armed conflict

Volume 9, Issue №3, 2023
The article discusses the features of social survival in the context of a regional conflict. The object of analysis is the socio-demographic groups of different nationalities and religions. The subject ...

On current world, (non)religious diversity and post-secular perspective

Volume 9, Issue №2, 2023
The article focuses on the following problems: definition of the World in the process of transition from modernity to post-modernity; description of the specific traits of post-modern and post-secular; ...

Religious agenda in the media: religion as content in secular and religious media

Volume 9, Issue №2, 2023
In this study, we analyze the development of religious media on the example of France in the 19th and 21st centuries in order to show the complex structure and ...

Sociocultural orientations of students of the Belgorod region with non-traditional religiosity (sociological experience)

Volume 9, Issue №2, 2023
The relevance of studying the phenomenon of new (non-traditional) religions and mystical teachings is due to changes in the religious landscape, which must be studied using new methodological developments ...

The main values of the consolidation of Russian society  in the views of religious and non-religious students

Volume 9, Issue №2, 2023
This article examines the empirical indicators of sociological research conducted in the Institute of Demographic Studies (IDS) of the Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences in ...

Smart people for smart cities (in the light of the ideas of T. M. Dridze)

Volume 9, Issue №1, 2023
The article deals with the scientific heritage of T. M. Dridze, one of the directions of which (the semiosociopsychology paradigm of social communication) contains methodological and methodological foundations for the ...

Pragmasemantics of interactive smart city branding

Volume 9, Issue №1, 2023
A regional brand is an intangible asset that provides an image-reputation complex of the region's attractiveness. The article contains a description of an attempt to use modern technologies of ...

Riskogenic impact of visual content on the socialization of young people

Volume 8, Issue №4, 2022
Visual content and social networks have become firmly embedded in the daily life of every person. In the virtual space, in terms of its negative impact, young people are ...

The religious factor of the historical memory of Russian students about the Great Patriotic War

Volume 8, Issue №4, 2022
Based on a generalization of conceptual approaches and an analysis of the results of the fourth stage of the monitoring study of the Russian Society of Sociologists (2020), the ...

Meanings deviations of Russian youth at work

Volume 8, Issue №3, 2022
The relevance of the problem of studying the sense deviations of Russian youth at work is due to: changes in the nature of integration of young people at work, ...

Changing social reality: a reflection on theoretical and empirical aspects of sociological research on youth

Volume 8, Issue №3, 2022
The processes of social reality formation and changes as well as the role of youth in these processes are analyzed in the article from the phenomenological point of view. ...

Political morality of modern Russian youth:
values, representations, attitudes

Volume 8, Issue №3, 2022
In modern socio-humanitarian science, there is a certain lack of research on the moral priorities of young Russian citizens as regulators of their life in the state and society. ...
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