DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2021-7-1-0-9

Initial Impact of COVID-19 on the Professional Trajectories of Highly Qualified Bulgarians

Within the context of COVID-19 globally affecting labour migrants and observed return tendencies in different places all over the world, the article addresses three main questions, focused on the impact of the pandemic on the professional trajectories of highly qualified mobile Bulgarians living in different countries in the European Union and beyond: (1) How the pandemic influenced the daily professional routine of the respondents? (2) Whether the pandemic made the respondents think of returning to Bulgaria? (3) Whether the pandemic made the respondents change their current job or made them think of professional change? The virtual ethnographic research was performed with a small number of respondents as an initial step of exploring and reflecting on a two-fold hypothesis, e.g. building up on previous observations of the highly qualified mobility dynamics, in comparison with the impact of the Global Economic Crisis from 2008, the article explores whether the pandemic of COVID-19 provokes further movements in professional trajectories of the respondents and potential intentions to return to the country of origin considering the changes in the daily routine and possible interruptions of their professional realization and developments.

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