DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2015-1-3-83-88


This article provides an analysis concerning the position of downshifters in the labor market and social structure of modern Russian society. The specifics of career strategy are also being examined. «Downshifting» is understood as a phenomenon of voluntary downward vertical social mobility, characterised by voluntary long-term change of style in everyday life, which can manifest itself in the change of employment, everyday practices, social and geographical mobility. Within the concept of individualization downshifting presented as destandartised model of biography, implying the rejection of typical for a given society stages, phases of the life cycle. The results of the in-depth interviews with downshifters which were needs to better understand and analyze the «beyond» lifestyle in a consumer society. We focus on two important characteristics of the lifestyle of downshifters: labor organization and financial issues. The results reveal that downshifters is a prime example of non-standard, individualized employment and career. The results of the study allow us to describe the scenarios of the development of life of downshifters after the decision they made and the features of new forms of labor behavior.
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