DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2018-4-4-0-9

Social project management as a subject of social and management discourse

The article represents an analysis of various points of view regarding the object, subject and problems of social project activities within the framework of philosophical, sociological and management science. The results of the analytical review of the works of national researchers – the authors of monographs, textbooks and manuals, scientific articles published in 2001-2017, have revealed the presence of a multi-vector search for problems and the subject of social project management, its role and place in the system of sociological knowledge, higher education, social theory and practice of management. The author discusses various bases for the classification of different approaches explaining the essence of social project activities, tasks and subject-specific problem field of social project management. The article provides an analysis of various researchers’ views of the theory and practice of social forecasting and planning in the context of sociology of management researchers. Also, it gives a review of the evolution of the main historical stages of the sociological and managerial branch of knowledge development. The author characterises some modern concepts of social project management and pays particular attention to the disclosure of the original concept of a socioprognostic approach as a special area of scientific knowledge, integrating socio-humanitarian knowledge with a scientifically based development of solutions to current and future tasks through the development of social project technologies. The success of work in this direction is connected to the social theory and research methodology of social forecasting and planning problems, management sociology based on the prognostic paradigm and on content of sociocultural diagnostics, in predictive social design.

Acknowledgments: The article was prepared on the basis of the report in the XVIII Dridze readings “Eco-anthropocentric paradigm of sociology and current problems of development of modern sociology of management”, arranged on October 26, 2018 by the Center for Sociology of Management and Social Technologies of the FCTAS RAS, IC ROS “Sociology of Urban and Regional Development” and IC ROS “Sociology of management and organizations”.

Information for citation: Lenkov, R. V. (2018), “Social project management as a subject of social and management discourse”, Research Result. Sociology and management, 4 (4), 101-112, DOI:10.18413/2408-9338-2018-4-4-0-9 

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