DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2021-7-3-0-3

Values and Social Capital of the Regional Community in Russia

The transformations of modern social reality focus our attention on understanding the processes in the modern globalizing world. As a result, many researchers claim there is a deep civilizational shift taking place. The processes that we observe are not only external by their nature, there are also deep changes concerning the value attitudes of this shift. With the evolution of society there has been an expansion and deepening of ideas about its value system. Contemporary Russian society is a rather contradictory construct based on various, sometimes mixed value attitudes. Based on social relations, values serve as the foundation for the social capital formed in the networks of these relations. We study the connections and dependencies of the respondents’ choice of a particular value on the level of accumulated social capital. The study applies the authors’ methodology for determining the level of accumulated social capital based on its integrated index. The methodology measures the level of accumulated social capital in the region and demonstrates its distribution among its carriers. The study showed a decrease in the integral index of social capital as a consequence of the pandemic, which led to restrictions on social ties. Based on M. Weber's method of “value attribution” or attributing meaning, a list of values characterizing the main spheres of an individual's life activity was determined, negative and positive connections between respondents' choice of values and their belonging to a group with accumulated social capital were revealed. The research reveals a number of problems that require further study.








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