DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2015-1-3-93-100


. In the article the analysis of evolutionary variations formation of the human environment. Shows the author's typology of the environment, based on its tripartite division. The typology is based on the primacy of one of the areas of the environment, and includes environmental, socio-cultural and technological type of the human environment. Given the author's concept subenvironment's locus that determine it as a territory limited by any of the accepted principles of demarcation, and having a certain type of accentuation habitat. The article gives the characteristics of the three types of subenvironment's configurations are denoted forecast scenarios of their development in the context of an extrapolation of the situation influence the primary sector. As the prospects for territorial analysis the situation, a model verification subenvironment's locus, including: territorial history of the formation subenvironment's locus, state master and slave subsystems environment disposition of society, the economic situation, the group of polar factors of the territory, the territory of the strategy, foresight scenarios territory risks territory.

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