DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2017-3-4-70-106


This year is the final cycle of scientific self-determination of the staff of the Center for Management Sociology and Social Technology IS RAS in the study governance’s system reforming problems, which was found by the collective report on All-Russian scientific and practical conference 21-22 November, 2013 under the title (the conference proceedings published (Modernization of domestic control system …, 2014)), «The modernization of the national control system: analysis of tendencies and development forecast », comes to the end. There was presented the report of A. V. Tikhonov, whose co-creators were E. M. Akimkin, V. S. Bogdanov, A. V. Zhavoronkov, A. A. Merzlyakov, E. I. Rabinovich, V. A. Shilova and V. V. Shcherbina. His purpose was to draw attention of colleagues – researchers to the problem of modernization of the national control system in the country on the basis of sociological monitoring of opinions and the interests of various groups and categories of the population. The conference has laid the foundation for the whole series of the researches which have found reflection in a grant of RSF No. 15-18-30077, in a planned work of the Center on 2015-2017 and also in the draft of the national report prepared in 2016. This article uses the materials of the presentations at the mentioned conference of such participants as are V. I. Ilyin, A. M. Nagimova, G. B. Orlanova, L. I. Nikovskaya, Zh. T. Toshchenko and the results of the research of Center’s staff for the RSF grant of 2015-2017. The attention is drawn to the statement of the control system’s reforming problem in the country and concluded that joint efforts of authorities and civil society the country can not only survive in difficult geopolitical conditions, but also to get a decent track of civilization development.


Рис. 1. Динамика среднего размера коррупционных подношений в различных учреждениях и ведомствах (в тыс. руб.)

Fig. 1. Dynamics of the average size of corrupt offerings at various institutions and agencies (in thous. rubl.)

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