DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2019-5-4-0-8

Online perspective in educational trajectories of Youth

The article presents the results of Russian studies on the educational trajectories of youth, taking into account the frustrated trends. The results of two mass youth surveys related to the assessment of educational strategies and inclusion in online education are presented. As a scientific result, the article presents the main socialization results of educational attitudes of young people: orientation to education throughout life, the need for self-education, attitude towards obtaining a second education. The main risks that accompany the identified results and the educational paths chosen by young people are identified: the risk of erroneous professional self-identification, the risk of acquiring shallow knowledge and orientation toward superficial educational products. Emphasis has been identified in relation to new educational formats - online education in distance form. As a result of the study, the problem field of managing the prospect of the educational choice of youth was identified, the perimeter of which contains problems related to meeting the needs for self-education of young people, reducing the level and depth of knowledge acquired and stored by youth, the problem of “external memory” associated with an abundance of gadgets and devices that reproduce information and more. The risks of uncontrolled inclusion of youth in online educational alternatives associated with the transformation of the structure of human capital, the development of negative generational traits, and the prospect of an educational institution are identified.


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