DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2016-2-1-83-89


The practical implementation of the concept of the «lifelong learning» for adults for their job in the future is considered in the article. The social problems of adult learning connected with attitudes and stereotypes in society on the post-soviet area, which provoke the socio-economic disparities between the different generations, were discussed. It is hypothesized that in the information society the behavior of the generations depends on the degree of ICT-integration in their lives at the current moment of time and doesn’t depend on the period of their birth. This removes the differences in the characteristic behavior of the last three generations during the learning. This will improve the theory of generations by N. Howe and W. Strauss, by adapting it to the conditions of the information society. The program of transformation of the negative social attitudes and stereotypes by forming the long term culture of lifelong learning, which irrespective of their age. As a short-term stage of this program, the recommendations for development of the e-learning format for adults are proposed in the article.
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