DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2016-2-2-63-69


The problem of development of social technologies takes its origin at the dawn of the twentieth century. The scientific and technical progress, revolutionary changes of the world political system and the increasing complexity and heterogeneity of social phenomena to humanity faced a problem – how to carry out large-scale transformations in society, building on the achievements of the sociological knowledge and its theoretical and methodological basis? How to quickly make the transition from one state of society or an individual element to another with minimal resource consumption? Karl Mannheim, Karl Popper and also many other classics of sociology and modern scientists in various branches of the sociological knowledge contributed to the transformation of the socio-technological approach in the scientific paradigm. Social technologies are an effective tool for managing a wide variety of social phenomena and processes. The introduction, in particular, of social technologies in the process of formation of a healthy lifestyle can simultaneously quickly solve the problems of healthcare activities and obtain the most effective results reflected in all spheres of human activity. The article deals with the problem of interpretation of the term “social technology”, analyzes the differences and similarities of approaches to the interpretation of this concept in the works of foreign and domestic sociologists, as well as identifying the possibilities of practical applications of social technologies in the process of formation of a healthy lifestyle and healthcare activities.
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