DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2014-1-1-57-64


The author attempts to identify the peculiarities of joint stock companies in Russia at the present stage. In the beginning of this article, the author shows the importance of joint-stock companies for economic relations. There are historical examples, such as Muscovy Company (1555), the Chicago City Railway Company (1859). The author believes that the manager needs to know the macroeconomic conditions affecting the joint stock companies in Russia. The author explores the key macro-economic conditions at the present stage: Russian GDP growth, the state of the money supply, the number of joint-stock companies, total debt obligations to Russia. In addition, the author compares some macroeconomic parameters Russia and the United States. The author justifies the conclusion that the GDP and the money supply are clearly associated linear functional relationship. The study statistics indicate a problem, the essence of which is the increase of the total debt obligations of joint stock companies in Russia, while reducing the number of joint stock companies in Russia. According to the author, this situation indicates the destructive trend in the Russian economy. This situation has a negative impact on Russia's GDP. The author emphasizes that the joint stock companies are important for macro-economic development of Russia.


Diagram1. Money supply M2 in Russian economy [5]

Diagram 2. The Money supply of the United States for the period 1950-2013 [6]

Diagram 3. The dynamics of Russian GDP, total, bln. roubles (before 2000 – trln. roubles) [11]

Diagram 4. The dynamics of U.S. GDP for the period 1940-2013 [12]

Diagram 5. The number of joint stock companies in Russia for the period 2003-2010 [13]

Diagram 6. The total debt liabilities of joint stock companies in Russia for the period 2000-2012 (million rubles, at the end of the year) [14]

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