DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2016-2-1-19-26


The article reveals the essence of the concepts of partner relations, interorganizational management and its principles. The cluster forms of an organizational association, being one of the tools increasing their competitiveness, have been estimated herein. A research of the forms of management in cluster associations has been carried out and some recommendations of how to improve a mechanism of interorganizational management have been offered. The article covers the problems of network interaction between the organizations, the formation of cluster structures, and the development of integration communications, which served as a basis for outlining the structure of principles for the development of interorganizational relations and how to manage them. The author conducted the grouping and systematization of interconnected principles of how to manage the interorganizational relations in clusters on the basis of allocating the stages of the organizations’ life cycle and the types of management: the stage, at which the cluster structures are formed; the stage, at which the cluster association functions; the principles of strategic management of cluster structures.
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