DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2022-8-3-0-6

Meanings deviations of Russian youth at work

The relevance of the problem of studying the sense deviations of Russian youth at work is due to: changes in the nature of integration of young people at work, on the one hand, and features of self-regulation of deviant behavior of this socio-demographic group in the field of labor relations, on the other. Young people's choice in favour of meanings deviations is seen as a consequence of intensification of the processes of instrumentalization and rationalization of young people at work. These processes are reflected in the growth of social subjectivity of young people through active completion and reconstruction of their social reality. On the basis of empirical data obtained in the course of research by the Center of Sociology of  the Youth of ISPR FCTAS RAS, the author analyzes the relationship between the value components of the image of work, the qualities inherent in the sphere of work and deviant meanings in the cultural space of youth, which allows us to study the sense orientation of self-regulation of deviant behavior of youth in this sphere. The purpose of the analysis is to substantiate the mechanism of self-regulation of the deviant behavior of Russian youth at work. The study of deviant meanings contained in this mechanism makes it possible to determine different types of self-regulation of deviations in the youth environment in the context of the transformation of modern Russian society.


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