DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2022-8-2-0-9

Peculiarities of educational migrants adaptation in pandemic conditions:
the Lomonosov Moscow state university experience

In the modern global world, in the conditions of intensive migration flows and the deepening of educational contacts, the problem of adaptation of educational migrants in the educational area of the host country is becoming more and more relevant.The COVID-19 pandemic, faced the world in 2020, posed a number of acute problems for universities. Of particular concern was the situation of foreign students as more vulnerable category. This article presents the results of a study of the features andadaptation problems for educational migrants during a pandemic on the example ofLomonosov Moscow State University foreign students. Based on the analysis of statistics and secondary data, the active growth of educational migrants is confirmed, mainly due to foreign students from the CIS countries.To identify the level and problems of the foreign students adaptation, a survey was conducted, in which 284 respondents from 11 faculties took part.The analysis covers organizational, content, communicative and personal components of adaptation. In general, the results of the study revealed a low level of adaptation of foreign students during the pandemic. The most difficult thing is the adaptation of students from far abroad countries, in particular from China. The most adapted are senior students from Kazakhstan. During the pandemic, the main difficulties in adapting foreign students are related to organizational issues and communication.Comparison of the obtained results with previous studies revealed that the pandemic had a negative impact on the communicative component of adaptation to a greater extent. In the context of the pandemic, the number of foreign students who want to stay in the country after completing their studies has decreased.The results obtained in the course of the study made it possible to propose a number of necessary promising measures to organize the process of adaptation of foreign students in the event of the repeated introduction of restrictions on the universities work.












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