DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2021-7-4-0-1

Management in the context of social contingency: subjectivity, regionality, digitalization

In today's world of complexity, risk, and contingent nature, the role of management can hardly be overestimated. The economy, scientific and technological innovation, socio-cultural development, growth of the quality of life of citizens – both at the level of society and the region – depend on the effectiveness of management. In Russia, the implementation of the Priority Directions for the scientific and technological development is largely associated with management capabilities of the power elites. Numerous sociological projects confirm it. The authors of the articles presented in this issue demonstrate within the framework of their own projects, how management problems can be studied at the level of a separate sphere, city community, professional groups. They consider the specifics of management types and implementation of strategic programs in individual industries and regions. In general, the authors contribute to the development of methodology and approaches that are known in the Russian sociology of management. The key issue of the articles is the thesis that today we need new breakthrough approaches and technologies of managerial impact on development processes, and that their effectiveness depends not so much on the level of digitalization or even control on the implementation of the national projects, but on the orientation of management towards the individual, as well as the harmonization of the power interests and the interests of a society.

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