DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2021-7-2-0-4

Informational technologies and struggle against various types of extremism in the age of globalization

In the era of global upheavals associated with local wars, the migration crisis, the growing activity of radical parties and the growing number of crimes, there is a need to ensure national security in various regions and countries of the world. In the era of information and artificial intelligence, the ways to combat extremism are also changing. An effective means of mass information influence on consciousness today is the World Wide Web-the Internet. Extremist resources widely use the means of psychological warfare, there are almost all types of organizations on the World Wide Web that use extremist and terrorist methods in their activities. Therefore, it is clear that most countries want to protect themselves and their citizens from the influence of extremists and the penetration of citizens who are prone to delinquency into their countries. In this regard, the use of information technologies and artificial intelligence in the fight against international and domestic crime is quite understandable. But here arise some questions of confidentiality, security of personal data and other aspects of an ethical nature. The article attempts to find out the connection between the use of modern methods of information technology and the solution of security problems.


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