DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2021-7-1-0-7

Motives for marriage: analysis through the prism of gender

The article is devoted to solving a multi-faceted and complex problem associated with a comprehensive assessment of the motives that encourage the creation of a family union. The authors analyze the opinions of men and women about the motives for marriage based on the data of the All-Russian sociological study "Demographic well-being of Russia", conducted in late 2019-early 2020 (sample size-5616 people), which allows you to take into account data that are not reflected in traditional statistical reporting in the field of demography. The proposed approach reveals the possibilities of obtaining the most complete information that is valuable for updating / correcting measures that affect the state of demographic processes, which is important both for Russia and for most countries of the world. To confirm the hypotheses of the study, statistical methods of analyzing sociological information were used. Improving the effectiveness of measures in the field of demographic policy, primarily aimed at ensuring the growth of the birth rate, can be achieved by identifying the true motives for marriage. The practical significance of the study is due to the information received about the existing transformations of the Russian value system affecting marital behavior, which should be taken into account when developing management decisions in the field of socio-demographic development. The article provides an assessment of intentions to marry, in the context of gender and age, characterizes the factors that influence the decision to start a future married life, assesses the differences between men and women of different age groups according to their priority. The main motives for registering a marriage are revealed. The conclusions that allow us to reasonably speak about the need to take into account the research data when conducting socio-demographic policy are presented.



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