DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2021-7-1-0-5

Social Challenges and European Integration of the Western Balkans

The sub-region of the Western Balkans includes Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Northern Macedonia. Social challenges of these countries is different and depends on socio-economic development, political and security entities and elements. The processes of European integration of individual countries are different, since they are in different phases. This is determined by procedural acts related to Euro integration and open chapters of the nomenclature. In addition, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania have the status of official candidates for admission to the European Union. Due to the permanently expressed security challenges, risks and threats in theory and practice, it is called “barrel with gunpowder”. Therefore, this space marks one of the most attractive topics for all social phenomena researchers. The aforementioned micro region of the region of Southeast Europe implies the formulation of authentic foreign policy and security concepts of influential actors in the international community. The article deals with international, foreign political and wider social implications of the Western Balkan countries, inclusion in the strategic concept of Euro integration.

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