DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2020-6-3-0-12

Growing up in the shadow of the Holy Shroud. Muslims’ second generations in Italy

Abstract. Muslims in Italy include not only members of the first generation, but also an increasing number of members of the second generation. With this in mind, it is becoming increasingly clear that any study of Muslims must take into account how Muslim immigrants and their Italian-born children, or second generation, adapt to life in Italy. The article will examine the intergenerational differences in the ethno-religious identity of Muslim Italians, and the findings will be incorporated into the broader literature on their second generation, acculturation, and religiosity. The study focuses on the following questions: a) how do Muslims in the second generation, as a group, express their religious identity, and b) are there any differences in the religious identity of the second-generation Muslims and their parents? The problem of the ethno-religious adaptation of the second-generation Muslims in Italy is an important area of research, given the negative media attitudes after 9/11 in the context where one of the political parties, the League of the North, uses religious differences to combat immigration, highlighting the distance between the younger generation of Muslims and others. The data used in the article was obtained from semi-structured quality interviews with 40 young Muslims.

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