Implementation features of knowledge management systems in Russian companies

In conditions of transition to a knowledge economy, searching for new effective ways to increase the competitiveness of companies acquires particular relevance. One of the effective tools for developing companies is a knowledge management system, that allows creating and effectively using corporate knowledge, convert them into company profits. Knowledge management as a field of scientific research and a complex of management tools becomes a relevant and sought-after direction of management. Knowledge management enjoys widespread support of western companies, but it is underestimated yet in Russia. Only a few Russian companies use effectively functioning knowledge management systems. This article lists the pecularities of applying the knowledge management system in Russian companies based on systematization of theoretical developments and analysis of modern knowledge management experience. These include: heterogeneity of implementation by economic sectors, the predominance of the project approach to knowledge management, lack of a formalized strategy for building a knowledge management system in companies, assignment of knowledge management responsibilities to HR and IT, imbalance of knowledge management strategies, prevalence of knowledge codification tools, low corporate confidence culture. The most requested tools are corporate training, creating and updating knowledge bases, collecting best practices and learned lessons, introducing corporate portals, mentoring. All in all the analysis showed the dissimilarity of implementation of the knowledge management system in Russia, from the fragmented use of simple tools to the introduction of the most innovative technologies. The article indicates examples of the effective implementation of the knowledge management system in leading Russian companies.


DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2019-5-3-0-7
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