DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2019-5-2-0-9

Technologies of artificial intelligence in predicting teamwork effectiveness: experience, problems and prospects for practical research

The article deals with issues related to the digitalization of social practices – the transition from HR management to ((H->H')&AI)R management: synergies of cognitively enhanced human capabilities and artificial intelligence, in particular, in predicting the effectiveness of teamwork , based on the parameters of a single creative field of project teams. A brief list of the most urgent tasks ((H->H’)&AI) R-management. The autor provides an example of predictive (predicative) analytics, which is related to the assessment of future results of teams (both newly created and already existing ones) based on express diagnostics of their work on specific micro-projects and the existing common base of facts (properties and results) of successful and unsuccessful teams. The main problems and prospects of using artificial intelligence methods in the system management of teams are considered. Suggestions are given to improve the technology of the JSM-method of plausible reasoning in socio-economic studies. The author emphasizes the importance of procedures of operationalization and quantification of new characteristics/ qualities of teamwork, reflecting the deepest understanding about the processes under study, emphasizes the importance of choosing /constructing theoretical and methodological bases that determine the directions for developing these new characteristics, first of all, the sociological theory of knowledge and the concept of social problems.


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