DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2019-5-1-0-2

Value transformation of the social entrepreneur in environmental activity

Values define social behavior and can serve different directions in the development of society, its involution or evolution. Depending on the sequence of deliberate choices and volitional decisions extended over time, the emergence and development of social entrepreneurs as a special group that transforms society is taking place. This article discusses the theoretical basis for considering values as egoistic and altruistic. Selfish values evolve into altruistic values over time, introducing into the life of the individual (leader, future social entrepreneur) elements of social activity (participation in volunteerism, environmental activism, social assistance). Social entrepreneurs in environmental activities smooth with their organized existence the paradox of eco-economic contradiction, finding new ways for the functioning of the green economy. Finding a solution for at least two socially important interests (favorable environmental and economic sphere) is a significant achievement of the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship and the personality of each individual social entrepreneur. It is always necessary to talk about finding an equilibrium in the three segments of the concept of sustainable development, because it is in their combination that the balance of the world is produced. The place of a social entrepreneur may be the key in achieving the goals of sustainable development in the Russian Federation.

Information for citation: Atanasova, A. A. (2019), “Value transformation of the social entrepreneur in environmental activity”, Research Result. Sociology and management, 5 (1), 12-24, DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2019-5-1-0-2


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