DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2018-4-2-0-5


Digital technology can solve many social problems, given the large audience coverage and low energy costs for activities. Environmental issues of environmental management require a rapid response and can involve a wide variety of categories of citizens whose interests are taken into account. The problem of waste generation, its transportation, and the knowledge of main pollutants can be translated into the digital language of communication and ensure multiple profit for all participants in the process. In the article, based on the secondary content analysis of Russian and foreign materials, the main trends of mobile applications in waste management are considered. The ecological and social principles used by the application developers are given, a short list of applications is attached, the most successful cases are examined in practice. As the number of mobile users grows, the number of users of mobile applications is also increasinf. An active, state and business environment uses the capabilities of mobile applications to monitor environmental protection processes. There is such a thing as mobile management (M-Governance). The article considers the main forms, functions, types of applications, their use for different categories of the population. Based on the analysis of the list of global and Russian applications it was revealed that Russian developers can rival world leaders in the importance and functionality of applications, they have a large audience coverage and functions of impact on different categories of the population.

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