DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2017-3-2-3-9


The article examines the experience of studying local identities. The author identifies a number of common problems, such as the problem of the object, the problem of methods and the problem of the influence of research on the object. The author notes that local identity has a multidimensional character, as the scientific concept of local identity is fragmented between different scientific directions, and also creates for the researcher complexity in the form of a dichotomy between «natural» origin and social construction. To solve these problems, the author proposes to apply Bruno Latour's methodology based on a social reconfiguration, adding to it the provisions that the processes of group formation and the associated processes for the distribution of values and symbols in the community are political processes that have all the characteristics inherent in the political process, including risks and threats. The author concludes that the development of local identity leads to awareness of the general subjectivity of various groups of the local community, which, in turn, can be the basis for national identity.

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