Sergey D. Lebedev

Scientific degree: Ph.D. in Sociological Sciences

Academic rank: assistant professor

Country: Russia

City: Belgorod

Organization: Belgorod National Research University

Professor of the Department of Sociology and Organization of work with youth, Institute of Management, Belgorod State National Research University
Lebedev SD is one of the leading domestic specialists in the field of sociology of religion, a specialist and expert in the field of religion and culture, state-confessional relations, local identity. The sphere of scientific interests is: sociology of religion, culture, education, communication, management, value orientations, Russian identity.
He is a member of the governing bodies of professional organizations: the scientific secretary of the Research Committee "Sociology of Religion" of the Russian Sociologists Society, deputy. chairman of the Belgorod branch of the Russian Sociologists Society. Honored worker and owner of the Silver Medals of the Russian Sociologists Society. Member of the Community of Professional Sociologists, member of the Forum for Religious Affairs (FOREL) of the Institute of Social Sciences of Belgrade (Serbia), a member of the Russian Philosophical Society.
He is a member of the editorial board of peer-reviewed scientific journals "The Scientific Result. Sociology and Management "(Russia)," Central European Journal of Media Creativity, Management and Law "(Slovakia).

Major works: