Dragoljub B. Djordjevic

Scientific degree: Doctor of Philosophy

Academic rank: Professor

Country: Serbia

City: Nis

Organization: University of Nis

Professor of the University of Nis
Main research area and subareas
Being a sociologist of religion, the research interests are focused around Serbian Orthodoxy, new religious movements, ethnic, confessional and religious relations in Serbia and in the Balkans. Studies the possibilities of interculturalism in multiethnic and multiconfessional societies, with particular interest in the Roma.
Additional research areas and subareas
sociology of the border, rural sociology, romology, tavernology
Specializations abroad and international collaborations
1986: Specialization in Sociology of Religion at the Faculty of Philosophy, Lomonosov University in Moscow, Russia;
1988: Specialization in Sociology of Religion at the Institute of Social Research, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
Scientific awards and membership in scientific societies
2011: Award “Desimir Tošić” for the best publicatons in social sciences in Serbia;
Serbian Sociological Association;
Yugoslav Society for Scientific Study of Religion, Serbia;
The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, USA;
The International Conference for the Sociology of Religion, Belgium;
Commission for Studying Life and Customs of the Romanies of Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences;
ISCOMET (International Scientific Conference Minorities for Europe of Tomorrow, with Advisory Status in the European Council), Slovenia;
One Europe Research Group, Poland.

Major works: