Svetlana A. Sharonova

Scientific degree: Doctor of Sociology

Academic rank: Professor

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Organization: St. Tikhon's Orthodox University

The Expert of the Guild of the professional education experts,
Vice-president RC-04 Sociology of education ISA 2014-2018
Memeber RC-22 Sociology of religion ISA,
Member ESA Social Theory Research Network,
Member Russian society of the sociologists.

Medal "For contribution to the development of the local self-government" of the Russian Municipal Academy (2012)

Major works:

• Functional core and mental characteristics are universal constants of the institute of education. Monograph .- M., RUDN, 2004, 287 p.
• Universal constants of the Institute of Education - the mechanism of the reproduction of society. Monograph - Moscow: RUDN, 2004. 357p.
• The quality of sociological education: problems and solutions / Ed. prof. IN AND. Dobrenkov. - Moscow: KDU, 2007.
• Modern social communications as a point of bifurcation of traditional social institutions. // Modern social communications - stress for the traditional institutions of society: monograph. Ed. Doctor of Sociology. S.A. Sharonova, Candidate of Philosophy. N.V. Trubnikova. - Moscow: RUDN, 2014. pp. 9-23.
• National model of the Russian university in the era of academic capitalism. // National educational systems: under the influence of globalization and neo-liberalization: monograph / SA. Sharonova et al .; Ed. Doctor of Sociology. S.A. Sharonova, dr. Polyit. n. I.A. Batanina. Tula: Publishing House of Tula State University, 2015, 156 p.
• Intellectual colonialism is a social phenomenon of global education. // Intellectual colonialism in the educational market: monograph / Ed. S.A. Sharonova, N.V. Trubnikova. - Moscow: RUDN, 2017, p. 11-31.
• Russian reading book for sociologists. Part I: Theoretical Legacy of Sociology. Textbook, - Moscow: RUDN, 2008, 93 p. (5.6 bp) in co-authorship with O.B. Maksimova
• Social technologies: business games: Textbook. - Moscow: Publishing House PSTGU, 2010, 220 p.
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• Trubnikova Nina Vadimovna, Sharonova Svetlana Alekseevna «Education through the prism of intellectual colonialism: new challenges for Russia». // Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Communication in Politics, Business and Education" May 17-19, 2017. .AT. Lomonosov Moscow State University (CD).
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