DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2022-8-2-0-10

The role and mission of sociology in modern society

The issues of the role and mission of sociology in modern society have not lost their actuality. The pragmatic role of sociology lies in the fact that sociological information is an important feedback tool when making decisions at different levels of management. That is why it is so important for sociologists to follow the norms and professional ethics, which should be reflected in the Ethical Code of Sociologists. The digital society, the transition to which is actively underway, leads to a rethinking of the role of sociology, because appropriate technologies and management methods are required. The means of obtaining sociological information are also undergoing changes. Alternative ways of getting feedback when making certain management decisions are being developed. The role of sociology is increasing, which at present should focus also on the needs of civil society, performing an educational function. The appeal to public sociology, in which one can see the focus on dialogue with society, is becoming increasingly popular. But for various reasons, objective and subjective, sociology as a whole is associated for society with the study of public opinion on various issues and polls related to election ratings. Sociologists themselves are wary of public debates, they do not come to the forefront of public life. The article presents the main reasons that prevent sociology from fulfilling its mission and role in modern society, among which one can highlight the state of domestic sociology is particularly noteworthy; insufficient sociological literacy, and often complete illiteracy of a large part of the population, contributing to the spread of stereotypes, prejudices about the role of sociology, its capabilities, as well as its significance in the processes of functioning and changing social systems. It is concluded that the mission of sociology is to serve society, it is assigned a connecting role between the interests of the population and government, business. Only in this case, its importance in the life of society can increase, thereby, it will contribute to the release from stereotypes, prejudices about its usefulness, as well as increase its role in making various managerial decisions

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