Мirko Blagoevich

Scientific degree: Doctor of Sociological Sciences

Academic rank: Professor

Country: Serbia

City: Belgrade

Organization: Institute of Social Sciences of Belgrade

a leading researcher and Head of Forum of religion problems (FOREL), Institute for Social Researches of Belgrade
The field of scientific interest of Mirko Blagoevich includes theoretical and practical sociological studies of contemporary religious changes in the transitional society of the Balkan countries and the Russian post-communist society.
Dr Mirko Blagojević was born in Požarevac, Serbia in 1962 where he graduated from Secondary School of Economics. He graduated in sociology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade in 1988. He got his MA from the same faculty in 1994 and his PhD in 2003 with the thesis in sociology of religion.
From 1990 to 1998 he worked at the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade, first as an assistant professor candidate and then as an assistant professor in two courses: General Sociology, and Urban and Rural Sociology. From 1998 to 2003 he worked as a professor of sociology at the Technical College in Požarevac and since 2003 he has been employed by the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory as an associate researcher. He advanced to the position of senior associate researcher in 2010.
As a researcher he took part in projects dealing mostly with Orthodoxy in contemporary Serbian and Russian societies. He has published more than 100 articles in sociological magazines and collections of articles and two books: Getting Closer to Orthodoxy (JUNIR, Niš, 1995) and Religion and Church in Social Transformations (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Filip Višnjić, Beograd, 2005).

Major works:

1. Blagojević, Mirko (2011) edited, Orthodoxy from an Empirical Perspective (2011), Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade and Yugoslav Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Nis, 2011., p. 245., edited by Mirko Blagojevic and Dragan Todorovic, ISBN 978-86-82417-3(IPST), 978-86-86957-12-2 (YSSSR). http://instifdt.bg.ac.rs/tekstovi/ORTHODOXY%20FROM%20AN%20EMPIRICAL%20PERSPECTIVE.pdf
2. Blagojevic, Mirko (2011) «Orthodox Religiousnes of the End of the First Decade of 21 Century», in Orthodox from an Empirical Perspective, (edited by Mirko Blagojevic and Dragan Todorovic) p. 89 – 100, Yugoslav Society for the Scientic Study of Religion, Nis, and Institute for the Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade. UDK 316.74:271.22(497-11)''200''; ISBN 978-86-86957-12-2 (YSSSR), ISBN 978-86-82417-29-3 (IPST). http://instifdt.bg.ac.rs/tekstovi/ORTHODOXY%20FROM%20AN%20EMPIRICAL%20PERSPECTIVE.pdf .
3. Mirko Blagojevic (2015) „Desecularised Society as an Indicator of Vitality of Religion“, In: Religion in Focus - Tendencies and Challenges in Postmodern Society (2015) etid. by Mirko Blagojevic, Tijana Bajovic, Aleksandar Prnjat, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Otačnik, Beograd, pp. 15-30., ISSN 978-86-87057-29-6.
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